After such a busy day yesterday, we thought that today would be a little more relaxed. We were wrong.

Namine woke up this morning with a barky cough. The pediatrician’s office is closed on Sundays, and the Children’s Hospital Urgent Care (both in New Berlin and located on the CHW campus) don’t open until 11:00 on Sunday mornings. Fortunately, Namine was not having difficulty breathing, so we were able to wait until Urgent Care opened. We were glad we didn’t have to take her into the ER.

Apparently the Urgent Care was a popular place to be. Even though we arrived around noon, we weren’t seen until after 2:00 and we didn’t leave until around 4:00. With the two hour wait time, both Jessica and I considered just leaving. After all, Namine’s barky cough had been gone for a couple hours by then. But if it was the cold that caused it last night, then it would return tonight. A dose of decadron would hopefully help her tonight, if nothing else.

While we waited, we visited the bubbler a few times. Namine wanted me to hold her up for a drink, but I had a better idea. One of the bubblers was “kid-sized” (but not our kid sized), so I suggested to Namine that she stand and get a drink herself. Always eager for the chance to stand or walk, she agreed.


Bubblers are slippery, and provide no purchase on which little girls can pull themselves up. I helped.


Once she got her feet under herself, she was able to place her palms on the bubbler, pushing herself up a little more. I was able to let go of her hand.


Almost fully standing – with a little backside support from my hand, she was able to take a drink from the bubbler by herself. She was quite proud.

When we were finally seen, the doctor gave us some surprising news. She told us that Namine had not only an ear infection, but also a sinus infection as well. This is crazy, because Namine was just seen last Wednesday because of a possible ear infection, and was given a clean bill of health. Not only that, but yesterday morning, I took Namine to the pediatrician because we suspected a sinus infection. She was given a clean bill of health then, too.

The only explanation we have is that both infections were still brewing, but had not yet manifested. Now, obviously, they have. In any event, we’re glad we decided to stay for Namine to be seen today. Hopefully the infections will clear up within the ten days of antibiotic that she now has.

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