Namine’s operating cardiac surgeon paid us a visit this morning. He told us he believes there is no reason to open her incision back up. She’s healing too well, he said, and her markers of infection are too low. It would be overkill, then, to open the incision all the way back up just to clean what can be taken care of with the vancomycin.

This morning, a student studying under the infectious disease department came in. “Hi, Nay-meen!”



“My name. Is. NAH. MEE. NAY.”

“Oh, okay. Well, do you know what’s going on later this morning?”

“Yeah, what?”

“They’re going to take you back and clean out your incision-”

Jessica and I both interrupted at the same time. “No she’s not.”


Barely holding back my anger, I said, “I said no she’s not. She’s having a PICC line placed, that’s all. They are not doing anything with her incision.”

“Oh. Okay. Well, I apologize for any confusion.”

I thought, We’re not confused. Get your story straight before coming in here and scaring my daughter half to death. It’s bad enough that she’s nervous about the PICC line. But what I said was, “That’s all right.”


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