Namine is done with surgery. They ended up only needing to use sutures, and not staples like the PA had originally told us. The sutures are interrupted, though, similar to how the staples would be, so that the wound can breathe a little and still heal from the inside out. The surgeon is hopeful that Namine will heal quickly.

Before Namine’s surgeon left, he said that the excessive amount of bleeding was a sign of good tissue. It means that there is a healthy blood supply to the area, and that this would not be so if the infection ran deeper. So even though last night resulted in a crisis, the root cause was Namine’s own body doing its damndest to heal itself.

Namine is sleeping peacefully back in her CICU room once more. Jessica and I cleaned her up – although the brown soapy residue looks like blood, the doctors were quick to assure us that it is not – and she slept through it all.