On Friday we went to see Namine’s cardiologist. On the agenda was the checkup and possible removal of the sutures in her chest incision, about which Namine was none too thrilled. Namine is often afraid of doctors and nurses on principle. But she’s often shown that when it gets down to the moment, she sheds the fear and lets the doctor (or physician’s assistant, in this case) do what he needs to do.

Namine’s chest incision looks worlds better than it did before they cleaned it out and reclosed it. It looked so good that it was time to remove the sutures. Namine cried a bit before he removed them, but once she realized it didn’t hurt – it just felt a little weird – she was okay with it.

Today, Monday, is the last day of her vancomycin treatments. To be precise, tonight’s 8:00 dose is the last; tomorrow the VNA nurse (likely the same one who taught us about the vancoballs and so forth) will pay us a visit in order to do another blood draw and remove the PICC line.

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