Remember Namine’s hematoma on her chest from last night? Today Jessica took Namine to the hospital to get it checked out.

The special needs doctor, after looking at Namine, declared that he thinks she’s doing fine. It’s possible that she simply bumped her chest. If her coumadin dosage is not quite right, then her INR level could be too high, making her bruise easier.

Perhaps the higher INR could also explain the loss of the clot on her incision, but I don’t know for sure. (It seems to fit based on what I’ve read about the effects of coumadin on clotting, but I’m not a doctor.) Despite that, however, Namine’s chest incision appears to be doing fine. There do not seem to be any wires trying to poke through.

We’ll get some more concrete answers tomorrow, as Namine has her cardiology follow-up appointment in the afternoon. She’ll get a chest x-ray, some blood draws for running tests (like the INR, and more), and quite possibly also an EKG.


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