Another blood draw

Remember those blood draws? Well, Namine had another one today, again to check her INR. They dropped her coumadin dose since last time, so here we are again.

Namine again amazed me. I went to the hospital so that I could go back with her – especially since Jessica does not do well with blood-related things – but she decided she didn’t need me. Last time she wanted me and my mom back in the lab with her, but this time she only took my mom. No tears, and no fear; just “one, two, three, go!”

The results of the blood draw indicate that Namine’s INR levels are normal once more. This is good; this should mean that her chest incision should be able to close up, clot, and heal properly. The only problem is, it still isn’t.

Even last night, in changing the dressing on Namine’s incision, it was bleeding – although a more apt term would perhaps be “leaking,” as blood isn’t flowing out of the wound. But still, it shows no signs of closing for good. It will scab over for a day at most, and then break open once again.

We sent pictures of the wound to the PA that saw Namine yesterday, and we await further word.

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