Every morning, before I leave for work, I move Namine from her bed to “the big bed” (her name for Jessica’s and my bed). This morning, as I picked her up, I noticed two things: blood on both her bed sheet and her nightgown.

A couple days ago, we noticed something alarming. Well, two things, really. A nasty-looking bruise next to Namine’s chest incision, and that part of the scab over the incision had been taken off – rubbed off by something, we supposed, though we had no idea what.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Namine sleeps like a log rolling down a hill. She takes after me, I suppose; Jessica always says I flop around like a fish when I sleep. I think, in regard to her sleeping, her rolling around is really taking a toll on her chest. Last night, she seemed to wear off the scab again, and as a result, bled through her nightgown onto the sheet.

By the time I moved her into our bed, though, a new scab had formed once more; the incision wasn’t bleeding anymore. Still, this bears mentioning in Namine’s cardiology appointment scheduled for this afternoon.I don’t know what they’ll suggest; it’s not like we can tie her down or keep her from rolling over in her sleep.

It’s looking more and more to us like Dr. Gordon was right about Namine’s coumadin dose. The effect it has on her INR wouldn’t do anything to an already-formed scab, but it will make any newly formed scabs weaker. We’ll have to be careful.

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