Last night, when I was getting Namine ready for bed, I noticed something: the scab over the incision on her chest was half gone. What’s more, she had a nickel-sized bruise. It hadn’t been there that morning, of that I was sure. We immediately got on the phone with the hospital’s special needs and cardiology departments.

Let me back up for a moment. Most of the incision on Namine’s chest has closed up now, with the exception of one area. That area has had a thick scab over it, though, not unlike the scab that will form over a skinned knee. And last night, it seemed that somehow the scab had gotten taken off. It doesn’t seem likely that her dress, which was a very light and soft material, had rubbed it off, but I can’t think of any other possibilities at the moment.

What seemed to be a mere bruise is actually more of a hematoma, as it was firm to the touch. That would indicate not just the bursting of blood vessels, but also a collection of blood under the area. This, too, was absent yesterday morning, so its presence is both puzzling and alarming. (Trust me, I’m much more composed now than I was last night.)

We fully expected to take Namine in to the ER last night, but both the special needs and cardiology on-call doctors recommended simply watching it overnight, and coming in this morning. So that’s what we did. By this morning, the incision had formed a new scab – it had been draining a bit, but not flowing (if it had, I suspect they would have had us come in last night) – and the hematoma did not seem any larger or any more raised.

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