Namine’s operating cardiac surgeon just came out to tell us that they’ve finished. And good news all around.

The good news is that there does not seem to be any deep infection. They dug into the fatty tissue and found that it did not track any deeper. The worst part of the infection is what the surgeon called fat necrosis – basically, cell death. The infected tissue seemed to have, after its death, dissolved some of the surrounding tissue, which then caused a chain reaction. But he also told us that he believes they caught it in time.

Sometimes we get in there and we kick ourselves for not doing it sooner. But that’s not the case here; I think we were right on time.

After removing the infected tissue, they irrigated the remaining exposed tissue quite thoroughly. As a result, Namine’s incision is now deeper and wider. As a result, they have her on a wound vacuum, which he believes she’ll only be on during this hospital stay. In fact, if the wound looks like it’s healing well, she could be off the wound vac by this Wednesday. If that’s the case, they might even be able to close up her chest then, too. All told, he expects that she might be able to go home, tube-free, by mid next week.

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