I’ve lost count of how many times Namine has thrown up today. It was supposed to be a fairly normal appointment day, with Jessica taking her mom to get a blood draw, then one for herself and for Namine. How strange it must seem that that constitutes “normal” for us, but the day ended up being anything but.

Jessica called me at work around 11:00. She was taking her mom to the doctor, and Namine had already thrown up three times and gone through two sets of clean clothes. The pediatrician could see her at 12:30, but of course Jessica couldn’t get her there. So she called me.

I left, having taken my parents’ car to work, and picked up Namine. We had not even left the parking lot when she threw up again. I pulled over into the ER parking lot and cleaned her up, and we were on our way.

Once we were on the road, Namine asked me to turn on the radio. Turn the Page by Metallica was on. I sang and Namine played air guitar all the way there. I think it helped keep her mind off being sick.

When we got into the pediatrician’s office, Namine threw up again. Fortunately, I had the foresight to get a bucket as soon as we got in, so we avoided another mess. We left with an antibiotic prescription; several barf buckets, compliments of the doctor; and the doctor’s conclusion that Namine has a UTI and the flu.

Namine has been sipping on Pedialyte and snacking on sweet potato puffs, and she seems to be feeling better now. She’s taken all her medicine, hasn’t thrown up, and is looking forward to her bath tonight.



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