My mom took Namine to the Urgent Care this morning, and I accompanied them, in case they needed to suction out her ears. Namine has small ear canals, and she has been prone to fluid buildup, which can of course cause an ear infection. I myself was always prone to ear infections, and I remain so even as an adult. So in addition to her small ear canals (which may or may not be a side effect of the Pierre Robin, but at this point, who cares?), she’s got my less-than-desirable disposition.

We expected the worst, but fortunately, the nurse who looked at Namine knew us. She used to work at Children’s Hospital, and so was a familiar face, which always helps. (There are not a whole lot of people at CHW who don’t know who Namine is!) Anyway, Namine cooperated just fine, turning and tilting her head and saying “ahh” when asked. (She may have needed a little coaxing from yours truly, but that’s kind of what I went for, wasn’t it?) As it turns out, she’s got a slight redness inside her right ear, but that’s it. Perhaps we only caught the tail end of the infection, I’m not sure.

So we’ve got some ear drops to give her two or three times a day. I don’t expect a whole lot of resistance; Namine has had to have ear drops before, and let’s face it – she’s dealt with a lot worse, and done just fine.

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For the rest of the day, my mom and sister are taking care of Namine at their house. Jessica is sick with something – it might be the flu, it might not – and she’s not feeling up to chasing a two year old around the apartment. Sometimes she wears me out. A plus to this, aside from spending more time with Grandma and Auntie Lydia, of course, is that Namine gets to spend more time with Bun Bun, her new kitty. Namine is still too excitable around the kitty – her movements too quick and her voice too loud – but she loves her very much, and she is always so gentle.

Namine has been a little crabby in the evenings lately, and while this can be attributed to normal and normal-ish things (such as: she’s two, duh; her feet are in constant pain; her four-year molars are coming in already), I came to the conclusion last night that there is one cause we hadn’t yet considered: melancholy. I think that because she loves animals so much, and she’s become so attached to Bun Bun, that she gets sad when we come home.

Of course this makes Jessica and me feel really bad, because we can’t have a cat in the apartment. We could, I mean the apartment manager would allow it, but both Jessica and I have allergies. (Jessica’s are worse than mine, but even just a few hours in my mom’s house with the cat sometimes murders my sinuses.) And my Aunt CR, who visits us quite a bit, has allergies worse than ours. She’d never be able to visit again if we kept Bun Bun in the apartment, and we don’t want that.

So the solution, we decided, was to give the kitten to my mom, who already has a cat, and let Namine play with it over there. I guess I didn’t really think about how much Namine would miss her when she came home again. Now that I think about it, that’s pretty insensitive. Another mark of excellent parenting on my part.


  1. The *facepalm* is the International Sign of Parenthood, so at least know that you’re in good company when you experience those “aha” (or “dang!”) moments.

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