A lot has happened since I last posted – some of it good, and some of it bad – and I apologize for the lapse. I am now unable to post from home, so I’m getting it in where and when I can. The two major happenings in our life is Namine’s new kitty, and Namine’s fever.

The more important, of course, is Namine’s fever, even though we acquired the cat first. A couple nights ago, she felt a little on the warm side, so we took her temp – 101.3 (maybe 101.4, I don’t recall anymore). Since it was under her armpit, and not rectally, you have to add a degree, so she was running a fever of 102.3 (or .4). Of course, Namine being Namine, she wasn’t lethargic or crabby, nor was she complaining of pain. Well, any more pain than she already endures daily.

This is the major difficulty we face every time we suspect Namine is sick. She doesn’t exhibit signs of sickness until it’s nearly too late. And she’s so used to pain that she just doesn’t complain about it until it’s too much to bear. Her feet hurt her worse than any potential ear infection or fever, so she doesn’t seem to consider it important enough to complain.

Tomorrow we’re going to cancel Namine’s water therapy and take her in to see the ear/nose/throat folks at Children’s Hospital. From there, we’ll know if Namine has an ear infection, which at this juncture is our greatest concern.

We got a call back from the hospital regarding Namine’s MRI. It looks like they’ll be able to fix Namine’s hernia (one of them; the other will have to wait), but it will be quite an extensive surgery. We have yet to call and schedule an appointment, but the procedure itself will most likely not happen until the summer. Less germs, you know. The g-tube removal will most likely happen at that same time, as well.

We gave my mom a kitten as a late Christmas present. Well, it’s Namine’s and my mom’s. The kitten was given to me by a coworker of mine, whose cat recently gave birth to a litter. We thought the kitten looked and felt like a bunny, and Namine decided on its final name as Bun Bun. We asked Namine this morning if she wanted to go over to Grandma’s, she responded with a firm “Mm-hm!” and a nod.

“Do you want to see your new kitty?”

“UH-HUH!” Vigorous nodding. “Mrow!” she added, in case I was unaware of the noise that kitties make.

“Do you remember the kitty’s name?”

“Um.. Mun-mun!” She had a look of concentration on her face. She knew that wasn’t quite right. She then pinched her nose, as her speech therapist does to enable her to make plosive sounds, and said, “Bun-bun!”


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