We took Namine in to see her ENT doctor today. She’s been complaining of her ear bothering her, so we feared the worst: an ear infection. Fortunately, that turned out to not be the case.

Of course, not having an ear infection does not mean no ear cleaning is necessary. Namine would not calm down after she heard the combination of words “clean her ears,” even though it didn’t mean suctioning. I ended up holding her down, and holy cow is she strong. When all was said and done, though, she was ear-wax free.

After the ENT clinic, Namine had speech, physical, and occupational therapy. For speech and occupational therapy, Namine worked hard. For physical, not so much. Remember the hardworking Namine from last week? That was with a different therapist. For whatever reason, Namine busts her little ass for Leslie – but not for Stephanie. For Stephanie, she reserves her finest tantrums and meltdowns. No idea why.

Namine loves her speech therapist Kathy.
Namine loves her speech therapist Kathy.

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