Namine was up all night a couple nights ago, coughing and hacking. She didn’t seem to wake up much – a few times crying, but I was able to sooth her back to sleep – but I doubt she got much rest. Last night was much better, she only coughed a couple times. She slept through the night, too. I know she’s feeling better, because she’s trying to remove everything from the entertainment center again.

I went home during my lunch hour yesterday, so I could spend it with Jess and Namine. We had pizza rolls, which Namine sucked the filling out of hers and threw the husks at me (I don’t know, what would you call empty pizza rolls?). Did you know, they explode?

Namine’s teeth aren’t loose yet, but thinking about when her teeth do fall out, I think she’ll still only get a quarter a piece. Yes, even with inflation and blah, blah, blah. Jess told me one of our friends gives her daughter a buck for each tooth that falls out. A buck?? You have to be kidding me.


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