The kids, they are a-changin’

Namine is getting so big, we can hardly believe it. I have some momentous news, and it involves wheels. We went to a special needs donation center called Katy’s Kloset – think of it as a Goodwill for disabled people, for lack of a better description – and found a little wheelchair for Namine.

When we were at Katy’s Kloset, we found a little wheelchair that looked like it would be perfect for Namine. The wheels are tilted toward the top of the chair, making it easier for her to grab and push and pull to move. The one drawback was that the seat really didn’t support anything; it was just a slanted piece of wood, really. But we also found a little bucket seat with a cushion, and our awesome Aunt CR retrofitted the new seat on in place of the wooden plank. Of course going backward is easier than forward, but she’s definitely getting the hang of it. When she wheels herself around, she laughs and laughs.

Now that Namine is no longer sick, her appetite is pretty much back to normal. Meaning, she’s a human vaccuum. We also found a couple little tables at Katy’s Kloset; one of them is a tiny little thing, and it fits her perfectly when she’s sitting on the floor. The other is the perfect height when she’s sitting in her wheelchair, so out with the old and in with the new, I say. When we eat dinner, she sits in the wheelchair at her table. She seems to love it that she gets that table all to herself.

Our friend Jacob had a jaw distraction this morning; yes, the same thing that Namine had back in, what, December, right? Wasn’t it December 6th? Man, time flies. Anyway, I am pleased to report that Jacob’s mom says the procedure went well, with minimal blood loss. We’re keeping Jacob and his family in our prayers. May God watch over him and give him the same comfort and fast recovery He gave Namine. And good luck cranking those pins. Hopefully Jacob will actually let you, so you don’t have to hold him down. That would definitely be on the short list of things Namine doesn’t like.

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  1. Leah, Mike & alyssa Avatar
    Leah, Mike & alyssa

    That’s wonderful news all around & yes, Namine was having more fun than I have seen her in a long time!

  2. I’m so happy that Namine is loving her new wheels.

  3. Now that she’s got her wheels, lets just hope she didn’t inherit her dads perchance for running into stationary objects.
    Need I remind you of the Semi incident involving a bike and a parked tractor?
    I rest my case sir.
    Can’t wait to see you guys come Christmas time again!!

  4. I wish I would’ve seen this last week… SO thankful for your prayers of Thanksgiving on Jacob’s behalf!!! What a blessing you three are.

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