Hand crank bike fitting

Namine has outgrown her hand-crank bike, so we’ve started looking at new ones.

A few years ago, Namine got a hand-crank bicycle. We got it from Katy’s Kloset, so it wasn’t ours to keep. Instead, it was a loaner; we had it for as long as Namine could use it, and then it would go back, to be used by the next kiddo who could make use of it.

Now that Namine has outgrown that bike, we’ve started looking at what her next bike might be. To that end, we visited Emery’s Cycling, which works with Variety (a children’s charity group) and the state’s waiver programs to provide kids of all ages and abilities with bicycles. Adaptive bikes are expensive — $2,500 per bike is on the low side — so quite often, families need help with the cost.

But all that is for the future. For now, it’s enough for us to let Namine try out some new bikes, and just dive in. The only bike she’s ever had (I mean a real bike, not the little Radio Flyer that she outgrew long ago) was essentially a hand-me-down. The video below is of the second bike Namine tried. The first one was a little more reclined, but she seemed to take to this one better.

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