It’s like in Home Alone 2, where Kevin’s mom asks the concierge, “What kind of idiots do you have working here??”
He replies, “The finest in New York, madame.”

The 23rd of July, a Friday, was Namine’s scheduled foot surgery, and they canceled that. They told us they would call us back the following Monday. They didn’t, so we called them on Tuesday. Guess when they called us back? Yesterday.

And of all days to schedule the new date for the foot surgery, they decided to pick September 9. Guess what else is on September 9? That’s right, kids, decannulation! Well, in my opinion, and Jessica agrees with me, decannulation is more important. We could wait another year, but she’s ready now, so why wait any longer? Besides, in terms of scheduling, the trach has firsties.

Also, Dr. Thometz is an idiot.


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