• Home again

    Home again

    We made it home safely from the hospital. Namine is doing well, and in no pain.

  • Frenulectomy complete

    Frenulectomy complete

    Namine is in recovery now, and she’s doing well. Her airway looks good, and we expect her to wake up soon.

  • ENT clinic

    Namine had an appointment today at the ENT clinic. These are always the most dreaded, out of all the appointments she could have, especially when there is a good possibility that her ears will need to be sucked out. Fortunately, that turned out not to be the case.

  • Bronchoscopy done!

    That was fast. The ENT doctor just came back to tell us that she finished examining Namine’s mouth, airway, and ears. Everything looks good!

  • Old enough to know

    Old enough to know

    Namine has been taken back to have her procedures. I’m nervous; but then, I’m always nervous. No procedure any gets easier, even something as routine as a bronchoscopy. What’s more, it’s harder for Namine now more than ever, as she understands what she did not in the past.

  • To the ER we go

    To the ER we go

    The day before yesterday, we took Namine to the doctor. She’s had a pretty phlegmy cough for about a week now, and the antibiotic didn’t really seem to do the trick. Then yesterday saw us in the ER, something we’d been trying to avoid – but you do what’s best for your child, no matter…

  • Our first parent-teacher conference

    Our first parent-teacher conference

    So yesterday evening, Jessica and I met with Namine’s teacher and school-appointed speech therapist. It went well, I thought, all things considered. I still hold to the opinion that Miss Merrie has too many children to watch, and so cannot pay enough attention to any one in particular, thus short-changing all of them.

  • Hospital time

    Hospital time

    On Friday Jessica had a bone marrow biopsy. Let me back up a bit. Her platelets have been low for some time – for several years, if the doctor is correct. This had never come to our attention; so Jessica had to have a blood test done. Its results were inconclusive, thus the biopsy.

  • Tossing cookies

    Tossing cookies

    I’m not talking about juggling confectionary treats, nosirree. We suspect that Namine has caught a bug of some kind, possibly flu. It is her bad luck – and ours – that she needed to throw up when we had only one spare set of clothes, and on a day of multiple clinic appointments.

  • A long day of clinics

    As I’ve mentioned before, long clinic-filled days are nothing new to us. Nothing new, no, but that shouldn’t suggest that we enjoy them.

  • Clinic tomorrow

    As if last week was not bad enough with all its clinic visits, we have one more this week, midst all of Namine’s resumed therapy sessions. But while last week’s clinics were mere one- to two-hour deals, tomorrow’s is promised to be at least four hours long. A four-hour clinic visit is nothing new to…

  • ENT clinic today

    What started as a routine clinic appointment ended, unfortunately, in setting yet another surgery appointment. But as glib and sarcastic as we sometimes get about surgery, we do recognize it as a necessary thing. And it is necessary once again. Next month, Namine has to have her right ear tube removed.