It was not purposeful, believe me. Namine, as I’ve posted recently, has had a lot more secretions lately, and we weren’t sure why. She’s been on an antibiotic for roughly a week now, but that doesn’t seem to be helping. Namine started to gag this evening during one of many suctionings (is that even a word? well, it is now), and before you know it, her stomach has done a reversal on me. I felt pretty bad afterward.

The good people in pulmonary at CHW have advised us to stop giving Namine the antibiotic in favor of extra breathing treatments. Whatever Namine has, they believe it’s either viral or bacterial. Given that they want us to give this antibacterial breathing treatment, they either think it’s a bacterial infection or they just want to rule out the possibility.

Namine is pretty fast asleep at the moment, but her heart rate is up pretty high. Normally, at resting awake, she’s at 120 bpm. Sleeping, anywhere from 75 to 95, comfortably. Right now, her heart rate is 138, and that’s a couple hours after having been given some Tylenol (or Target’s approximation, anyway). Her O2 stats aren’t too bad, but they could be better. 87 instead of the normal 90 isn’t too far off, but it is an indication that she’s not feeling well. You know, aside from the coughing and hacking.

But despite all this, when she’s awake she’s still a pretty happy baby. Smiles all around, laughing, playing, and all that normal one-year-old shtick. Sometimes it’s the little things that you’re thankful for. Like your kid feeling well enough to grab your glasses and fling them across the room, giggling while she does it.