So we got back from the Aurora Urgent Care clinic around 6-ish. Jessica has been feeling unwell – that’s putting it mildly. She’s been feeling nauseous and occasionally, sometimes more than occasionally, throwing up. So we went to the Urgent Care clinic, and found that it’s most likely her gall bladder. The clinic doctor gave her a prescription and we hope that will make the problem go away. The alternative is to have her gall bladder removed, which, as a solution, sucks.

Namine has been doing okay overall, but she’s needed a lot more suctioning than usual. We’re not sure if that’s an indication of something larger, or just allergies. Namine has thus far proven to be allergic to nearly everything on God’s green earth. But tonight, every time I suction her (and she has needed quite a lot since I put her to bed around 10) she cringes, if not outright cries. That worries me.

So we’ve given her some Tylenol, and hopefully that should set her a little more at ease.