Cookie day 2013

Jessica and her sisters had been planning today for some time. Today was cookie day… or perhaps, as I think of it, Cookie Day. We estimate a number of greater than six hundred cookies were made in the course of six hours. That’s not bad for having a single oven.

Tragic news

I was going to write about today’s trip to the pumpkin farm – and don’t worry, I will yet – but I have something much more pressing on my mind. I learned tonight through a friend over Facebook that his grandson has died, not yet 13 months old.

What could never be

Sometimes we find ourselves pining for something lost, perhaps for something that never even was. It sneaks up on us, Jessica and I, and suddenly we realize that Namine is almost three years old. She is moving, she talking, she is more independent every day. Where is our little baby girl? She’s still small – she’ll always be small – but she’s not small anymore. She doesn’t have a baby face anymore; she has a grown up face, so it seems to us. Can’t we have our baby back?

Dear Ed

Father’s Day can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be a bittersweet thing if you’ve lost your father. I haven’t, but my wife Jessica has. It’s important to remember those who may now be gone, but have helped shape us into who we are. I am glad that I had the opportunity to become your son-in-law and friend, Ed Tarver. We miss you.

High fever and a trip to the ER

Last night Namine had an incredible fever of 103.2. That was under the armpit, too, and we thought that was much too high for what the doctor had called just that afternoon “the tail end of a virus.” To us, it seemed like she was coming down with something else entirely. So we bundled up Namine and headed to the ER – me, Jessica, Namine, and my Aunt CR, who was visiting for the evening. I doubt it was as relaxing as she’d hoped the evening would be.