Brewers game

We brought Namine’s cousin with us to a Brewers game, courtesy of Variety!

We love Variety events. We also love baseball. We had, only one day prior, gone to Namine’s Miracle League game, and now we got to see the Brewers play! Thanks to Variety, we had ADA seats, and we were all able to sit together. (We’re not always that fortunate, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.)

Of course, we had to get our traditional helmet nachos.

Early on in the game, the opposing team (the Braves, I think) got a home run. But the Brewers also got a home run later! When they did, fireworks were shot off. I doubt I’ve ever been that close to fireworks before, since our seats were pretty high up. (We still had a good view of the game, don’t worry.)

A side effect of being so close to the fireworks was the smell! The smell of sulfur was quite strong, as evidenced by the girls holding their noses. I can’t promise that no fart jokes were made, and not only by the children. Jessica and I are young at heart, too.

Knowing from previous games how late this game would run, and what a madhouse it was going to be trying to leave the parking lot, Jessica and I agreed that it would behoove us to leave after the seventh inning. That would still allow us all to enjoy most of the game, as well as see the famous Racing Sausages.

I always cheer for the Chorizo, but he never wins.

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