Splash pad before baseball

Namine and her cousin played in the splash pad at baseball before her game!

On the Miracle League field, there is a splash pad next to the baseball diamond. There have been plenty of times when we’ve arrived at baseball and thought, It’s so warm, it would be nice if Namine could play in the splash pad. So this week, we made sure to arrive early enough so that Namine and her cousin could do so.

We came well prepared. We had dinner in hand, and the girls were already dressed in their swim suits. After we ate, the girls went off to play.

The girls came in to dry off at the eleventh hour, so to speak. They didn’t have a whole lot of time, but Namine got dried off and dressed in her baseball uniform in time for the game.

Namine had a different Buddy this week, but had no problems hitting the ball. As a matter of fact, I was almost too slow in capturing her at-bat on video at all!

Wheeling quickly is not as easy as it is on her bike, but that never stops Namine from moving when she’s rounding the bases.

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