Summer sun and baseball

It was a warm and beautiful evening for baseball!

The stars aligned for a gorgeous afternoon and early evening of baseball — or rather, the sun and clouds did. The game last week was cancelled due to weather, and the week prior we missed because Namine was feeling under the weather.

If only we’d had more time and a change of clothes, we might have spent some time in the splash pad before the game started. In weeks past, the weather had not been warm enough to merit getting soaked. But that’s a good way to get sick, especially with Namine’s immune system. Today, however, would have been perfect.

We did arrive early (although not early enough to change into a swim suit and back again), which Namine spent practicing with her Buddy. Even so, that time flew by and before we knew it, it was time for the game to start.

As usual, Namine had a wonderful time. She prefers batting — because who wouldn’t — but she does also enjoy playing in the outfield; it gives her a chance to talk to her Buddy. When a player from the opposite team is on the base she’s playing, well, that just means she has an extra friend to talk to before they run on to the next base.

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