Week-long sleepover

The usual baseball night didn’t go as planned, but it led to a week of fun.

There’s a saying I’m fond of: “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” Well, we had originally planned on Namine’s cousin sleeping over for a single evening, but it ended up being the entire week — not that either of them minded.

We met up with Jessica’s sister on Monday evening to take Namine’s cousin home with us to spend the night. The following evening was when Namine had Miracle League baseball, which wasn’t far from where they lived. The plan was for Namine’s cousin to see Namine play, and then we’d bring her home.

Special needs clinic

Before evening is the morning, and that morning Namine had an appointment with the Special Needs clinic — although now I believe they’ve renamed it the Critical Care Team, but we know how much difference that makes.

We’re used to long doctor appointments, but there are no words to describe how exhausting they can be. Such was the case with this appointment, so Namine was not feeling well enough to participate in baseball. We ended up staying home, and of course this resulted in us not bringing Namine’s cousin home.

Since we’d be meeting up again that weekend for a Fourth of July get-together, Jessica and her sister decided that Namine’s cousin could stay with us for the rest of the week. This was met by no small amount of cheering from the two girls.

Outside and inside fun

I am happy to say that the girls had a blast this week. We packed a lot in, and I have to say that our new house provided the perfect place to do it. We live close by a park with its own beach, so the girls were able to go swimming. (The car was a bit sandy after the fact, but that’s okay.) We made s’mores out on the back deck. We stretched out a game of Monopoly over the week, playing a little bit each evening.

Day at the zoo

On our last day of having Namine’s cousin over, I took the girls to the zoo while Jessica joined her sister (a different one) in making food for the Fourth of July get-together. We arrived just when a lot of the animals were being fed, at least in the aviary. (I have never seen penguins so visibly happy, hopping around even more than usual.)

Last time we were at the zoo, Jessica, Namine, and I were not able to stay for very long or see nearly as much as we’d liked. The girls and I decided to try to see more of the things we missed, like the aviary (as I mentioned) and small mammal house. On that topic, we all learned about the prehensile-tailed porcupine, an animal which, until today, I had no idea existed.

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