Independence Day celebrations

We spent two days celebrating the fourth of July with both sides of the family!

Independence Day eve day

On the third, we went up to Jessica’s sister’s house to celebrate Independence Day with her side of the family. Two of Namine’s cousins were there, and they all had fun playing with each other.

Namine has a backpack filled with activity stuff which she keeps at her aunt’s house. It has coloring books, drawing pads, crayons, and plastic dinosaurs. These helped to tide the girls over until everyone arrived, and by then it was time to eat.

After we ate (and ate and ate — there was a lot of food), the girls played outside. And then they came inside. And then they went back outside. But eventually it was time for us to leave, much to the girls’ sadness.

Independence Day

On the fourth, we went down to my parents’ house to celebrate with them. We (by which I really mean my brother and sister) set off some smaller fireworks in the driveway. We also had some Silly String, with which Namine sprayed pretty much everyone she could.

My family invited us to come with them to the fireworks that evening, but we declined. We actually haven’t been to the fireworks in six years. (It’s funny to me that I titled that post “first official fireworks,” because it is also the last.) The reason we haven’t been to another is that the loud booming hurts Namine’s chest. Since she was born with a heart defect, we’d just as soon not tempt fate.

That evening, back at home, we actually did see some fireworks. Some of our neighbors were shooting them off, and we could see them over the tops of the houses and trees. They were small and quiet enough (comparatively speaking) so that Namine could enjoy them.

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