Miracle League game

Namine’s great aunt came to see her play baseball this week!

This was Namine’s second week of playing baseball with her new team and chapter of the YMCA Miracle League. My aunt surprised her by coming to the game, much to her delight.

Namine’s Buddy was absent last week, but she was already there waiting for her when we arrived. Namine wasted no time getting out onto the field to practice.

Batting practice!

During the game, as each player goes to bat their name is announced. Their picture, which was taken at the uniform pickup, is also displayed on the scoreboard for everyone to see.

Namine heads up to bat.

Namine is content to use the tee, but she prefers to have the ball pitched. Tonight’s game only had two innings — unlike last week’s three — and in the first, they didn’t remove the tee. She’s so easygoing, she didn’t say anything about it. (I asked her about it later, and she shrugged. “I’m fine either way.”)

But in the second inning, they remembered to remove the tee for her. She was much happier with having the ball pitched. She might not think it important enough to mention, but it was good seeing a happier Namine up to bat that second time.

Namine, like many a child (myself included, once upon a time), much prefers batting to playing outfield. She’s not shy about saying so, either. Even so, she enjoys the chance to talk with her Buddy and getting to know her better — whether that’s in the dugout or in the outfield.