Last baseball game of the season

Namine’s last baseball game with Miracle League was awesome!

And just like that, we’ve concluded Namine’s first baseball season with the Dane County Miracle League. But we try to remember these words:

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Dr. Seuss

Namine has had a wonderful time over these past eight weeks. This week’s game was actually a make-up game, too. The plan was originally that last week would have been the last game, but they had to cancel a game due to the heat. As it turned out, extending the season by a week allowed one of Namine’s great-uncles to attend her last game.

After the game, each player was presented with a silver medal, each with the Miracle League logo and the year.

Before we headed home, we stopped by the Variety table. Variety is a charity group which allows children of varying disabilities to participate in things which they normally would not be able to. Namine’s team, the Angels, was sponsored by Variety. It’s definitely not her first involvement with them, either — she has attended movies and professional baseball games through Variety’s efforts for many years now.

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