Miracle League uniform pickup

We picked up Namine’s new uniform for baseball!

We’re very excited that the YMCA Miracle League is starting a new season. Baseball is one of Namine’s favorite sports and she’s thrilled to play again and make new friends.

You might notice that I said “make new friends,” not “see her friends.” That’s because she won’t be attending the same Miracle League as in the past. Rather than the location in Milwaukee, the chapter we’re joining is in Madison — because we’re moving! (But more on that later.)

We were told to expect the entire process to last at least twenty minutes to a half hour, but in actuality it took much less than that; they were very organized. Namine got a new jersey and hat, plus a new bat and ball. (The bat she’ll use in the games, but not the ball. That simply came with the bat and is hers to use on her own.) Since the balls are of a sturdier — and heavier — variety than the ones used by the Milwaukee chapter, Namine will be wearing a helmet whenever it’s her turn to bat.

After putting on her jersey and picking up her new bat, it was time to get her picture taken. Each player’s picture will be displayed on the scoreboard as they go up to bat, just like at a professional baseball game.

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