Miracle League Spring Exhibition game

Namine played in a special Miracle League game before the new season starts.

A number of cities’ Lions Clubs coordinated for a day of fun, including the Miracle League of Dane County (of which Namine is a member) putting on a special baseball game to watch. Namine was, of course, more than happy to participate.

In each Miracle League game, each child is assigned a “Buddy” — a companion to help them (should they need it), hand them their bat or glove, and accompany them in the outfield and around the bases. For the purposes of this game, I was Namine’s Buddy.

I didn’t mention another responsibility of a Buddy: pitching the ball when the player is up to bat. Some players use a tee; some don’t. Namine, as she’s gotten older and stronger, has since moved from using the tee to prefer having the ball pitched to her. I won’t say, however, that my ability to pitch has gotten any better. She’s still patient with me, though.

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