All Star baseball game

Namine was invited to play in the Miracle League baseball game at a Minor League stadium!

Each year, after the summer session of Miracle League wraps up, there is a special game held at the stadium of a Minor League baseball team, the Sky Carps. Namine was invited to play in this game last year, and this year she was invited back. All the players (and their families) were welcome to stay after the game, when the Sky Carps played against a visiting team.

Similar to the games at their accessible field, each player was paired with a Buddy. These Buddies, however, were players on the two Minor League baseball teams. Namine’s Buddy was a player on the opposing team, the Chiefs.

As Namine found last time, the entire field was not exactly wheelchair-friendly. She was able to wheel on the dirt from home plate to first base, but around to second and third base was quite difficult. By the time she headed from third base to home plate, however, she needed no assistance from her Buddy.

After the game, Namine stopped for a picture with the Sky Carps mascot, Poopsie.

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