Baseball, finally!

At last, Namine was able to attend her Miracle League team’s game.

Events had seemingly conspired against us, week after week, preventing Namine from playing baseball with the Miracle League of Dane County ↗. If it wasn’t Covid or its residual effects, it was inclement weather. You get the idea. Well, never mind all that — we finally made it this week!

Each child is paired with what the Miracle League calls a Buddy: a companion to assist them in the game. As soon as we arrived, Namine met up with her Buddy and immediately made a bee line for the outfield, where she practiced her batting before the game began.

The first time Namine went to bat, one of the coaches offered a tee for her to use. She politely refused, relishing the opportunity of hitting a ball pitched to her. And hit it she did!

It was a great evening for baseball: pleasant, if a little overcast, weather to spend with awesome people. In such tumultuous times, it’s so uplifting to see such cheerfulness and encouragement among strangers. This is pure joy, and we can’t wait for the next game.

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