Starting a garden

We spent the day with a couple friends to start making a garden in the front yard.

Since we bought our house, we’ve mostly been focused on the interior. The landscaping has, thus far, been limited to mowing, trimming, and weeding. Now that we’ve been here a couple years, we figure it’s probably time to start doing something about the front stump.

First, a little background since I don’t know if I have the pictures: when we bought the house, there was a huge and overgrown bush. Once upon a time, it was probably small and manageable. But by the time we moved in, it was beyond trimming. So we chopped it down, with the help of a neighbor and his Sawzall.

Being the happy owner of a chainsaw, I was pleased at the opportunity to further reduce the stump’s… branches. We had originally planned to have it ground out and removed completely, but we’ve since changed our mind. Now, we plan to plant flowers around it and make it pretty with strings of solar lights.

While I was contentedly hacking away at the stump, Jessica helped Namine get started with replacing the soil and planting flowers in a raised flower bed. (It came with the house, apparently, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t use it!) Namine has had the opportunity to dig up vegetables at Zachariah’s Acres’ raised beds, and she was happy that she was able to help here, too.

There is a garden in the back yard — well, it used to be a garden but it’s pretty much Jurassic Park now — lined with stone edging. We took those and started to line what will become our front garden. We have some flowers planted, with more planned soon. Jessica placed one of her new planters, a bicycle with two pots, and I placed the new orb pedestal my mom gave me for Christmas.

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