Hair donation

Namine got her hair cut and donated it.

This marks the third time Namine has donated her hair. She first did so five years ago, and again three years ago. In both those instances, she donated to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program; however, that’s no longer an option since they discontinued it. The hairdresser told her about some other programs she could donate to, so she picked Children with Hair Loss.

Namine has wanted to get a haircut for a while now, but still she made herself wait until her hair was long enough to donate. When she grows her hair out, the goal is that the recipient (or recipients) — whoever they may be — be provided free of charge. Children with Hair Loss fits that bill nicely.

Look at those beautiful braids!

Even after chopping off the majority of her hair, there was still plenty more that fell on the floor after trimming. Namine ended up getting a pixie cut like last time. She was very happy that her hair was short, especially with the coming hot weather.

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