Crystal puzzles

We’ve started doing a different kind of puzzle.

Namine found a kind of 3D puzzle that I’ve never seen before: they’re called crystal puzzles, and we’ve started doing them together. Namine had first gotten a couple to do by herself, but the larger ones are made easier with cooperation.

The first puzzle Namine got was a two-for-one: it contained two cats, one large and one small. The smaller one she was able to put together on her own, but the larger one proved frustrating.

It took Namine and Jessica, working together, almost an entire day to assemble the larger cat puzzle. They took breaks throughout the day, but without directions — either lost or simply missing — it involved a great deal of trial and error.

Despite the frustration, Namine still enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of completing the puzzles. We went back to the store and found a bunch of Disney puzzles.

The next puzzle we attempted was the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. This puzzle did come with directions, so we first took the time to organize and order the pieces. The sequence numbers on each piece were not always easy to find.

Once we had everything organized, we started assembling. We took turns stacking and fitting the pieces. They interlocked like a jigsaw puzzle, both horizontally and vertically.

With the three of us working together, the Cheshire Cat puzzle was much less frustrating and much more fun. We have more puzzles that we bought. We’ve since also assembled Alice and Chip & Dale, and we’re looking forward to putting together a dragon puzzle as well.

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