After having the central line removed – yeah, that happened – Namine is being moved out of the cardiac ICU up to a standard room. It shouldn’t be much longer until we go home, but for now she’s still on observation. When the doctors met in rounds outside Namine’s room this morning, they decided not to send her home quite yet. Her drainage tubes had had to be left in due to extra fluid for a few more days than originally anticipated; because of this, the doctors are concerned that she might have some extra fluid buildup – thus the longer stay.

What they’re not concerned about, though, are her heart and oxygen saturation. Her heart rate is good; it seems to be almost totally back to normal. And she’s been off the oxygen for a couple days now, with no sign of needing it again. Last night was the true test, being the first night since the drainage tubes were removed, but her O2 stayed in the low nineties the entire night.

As for Namine’s appetite, it’s coming back slowly. Of course it will never be the same as it was at home until she is home, but as long as she’s drinking enough and still eating, the doctors are satisfied.

Yesterday, after the drainage tubes were removed, an occupational therapist worked with Namine to get her sitting up by herself for thirty seconds at a time. This morning, Namine totally blew her away by sitting up and assembling a puzzle in front of her – staying upright with no assistance for over thirty minutes. After Namine was done with the puzzle, she disassembled it and put it back in the box. “I’m done with my puzzle now,” she told the therapist. “So I’m putting it away.” (Namine has impressed every nurse, doctor, and therapist that she’s met with her politeness. Also, because she’s so darn cute.) The therapist told us that she didn’t need to see Namine again because she just met all her goals in a single day.