Last tennis practice of the season

I was Namine’s tennis buddy for the last practice session. She also made me dodge the ball.

When Namine and I arrived at tennis practice, we found her fellow players sans coach. There had been a family emergency, so the players were left to their own devices. The younger players, like Namine, practiced with their parents.

I’d like to preface this by saying that I play tennis very rarely. In fact, when I say “rarely,” I really mean “only when Namine needs me to play with her.” That being the case, my aim in sending the ball in her direction may have been well-meaning, but it was not well-placed. Still, she humored me and was quite patient with me.

Right, did I mention that she made me pay for my poor aim with her excellent one? She thought it was hilarious to make me dodge the ball on several occasions. Well, if she can dish it out, I can take it. (Spoiler: she can.)

Sam, the WASA program director, was at practice. She did me the honor of taking some pictures of me and Namine hitting the ball back and forth. It’s not often that I get to participate with Namine’s sports practices, but I had a wonderful time — even if my aim is somewhat (or a-lot-what) lacking. Judging by Namine’s smiles and laughter, I think it’s safe to say she did too.

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