Swings, baseball and otherwise

Namine had another great baseball game. We also checked out the accessible park by the field.

We arrived to baseball extra early because my sister had to be there early. Not only was she there to watch Namine play, but she would also be singing the National Anthem. We arrived early enough to coordinate with the director, Bill Schultz. Namine headed out on the field to practice. We were there so early that Namine’s Buddy wasn’t there yet, so Lydia helped her until she arrived.

When each game starts, the teams’ members are announced. Then the National Anthem is played — or in this week’s case, it was sung by my sister.

All the videos I have of Namine up to bat are so short. She’s gotten so good that the moment she’s up to bat, she’ll almost always hit it on the first try. When the season first started, they would sometimes pitch and sometimes set up the tee for her. She eventually said something to one of her coaches, so now they always pitch.

After the game was over, we headed to the concession stand for hot dogs and snacks. My sister was singing the National Anthem for the second game of the evening, so we had some time beforehand. We headed over to the Bakken Park playground, which Namine described as “sort of accessible but not really.” By this she meant that there was a ramp through the center of it, but navigating her wheelchair through the wood chips to the swings would prove troublesome. For that, I would have to carry her. That, of course, has never been a problem.

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