Running, biscuits, and more

Namine and I had a very fun first day up at my aunt’s house.

In the morning, before breakfast, Namine and I went for a run. On the way home, we stopped to pick some dandelions. When we returned, Namine helped my aunt make taco seasoning for later, and biscuits for breakfast.

It helps when you make sound effect while you’re doing it.

After breakfast, Namine went downstairs and played with the large, interconnecting blocks. We built a castle, where the princess (Namine) had been trapped by the dragon (me) and had to be rescued by the prince (also me). After the princess had been freed, she and the prince built a throne. Namine also made herself an astronaut’s helmet.

In the afternoon, after we had a small snack, we started a 300-piece puzzle.

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