Labor Day weekend fun

We had a lot of fun over the long weekend!

We don’t get to visit my aunt often enough, but we always have a blast when we do. She lives over two hours away, so when we do visit, we try to make it a three-day weekend — just like for Labor Day.

In my aunt’s basement, there are a lot of things to build with. Like Lincoln logs. Namine and I love Lincoln Logs. Every once in a while, we attempt to follow the directions in building something. We inevitably give up and build something of our own.

So I don’t really know what these next things are called. They’re giant flat blocks with interconnecting teeth, and we absolutely adore building all sorts of things with them. We made helmets, but we didn’t wear them for long because they get heavy.

To give you an idea of how many blocks there are in my aunt’s basement, this next picture is a castle which Namine and I built. There are even a few unused blocks in the back there.

Putting the blocks away is just as much work as it is to build something. By that same coin, however, it’s a lot of fun, too.

There is also a box of train tracks. Namine likes to build the track around herself, spinning herself around as she watches the train.

We’re big fans of board games, too! We just picked up a new one last weekend, but we forgot it at home. No matter — we still had plenty to play, like Bananagrams, Cribbage, Phase 10, and your various assortment of card games.

Namine loves to cook. She helped her aunt make biscuits. The dough likes to cling to the cookie cutter (biscuit cutter?), so you’ve gotta give it a good fling.

Namine and I did get to build a little more before the end of our long weekend. The block helmets we’d made earlier inspired Namine to begin construction on a space station. One end was for sleeping, and the other — connected by a tunnel — was for space research. The tunnel was wide enough for us to crawl through (yes, even me), but it was not quite navigable while wearing a block helmet.

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