Namine and I had another fun day of playing.

Namine already had in mind exactly what she wanted to do. “We have to build a train track for Thomas,” she told me this morning. So when we went down into the play room after breakfast, that’s exactly what we did.

After we’d built (and re-built) a track for the train, we put the tracks away and got out the Lincoln Logs. Namine built a hotel for a number of her little play figures.

After a while, Namine decided that her scooter board was calling her. I told her that she had to finish picking up the Lincoln Logs first. She did put most of them away, but she piled a bunch of the tiny ones, which she declared were her “babies,” onto her scooter board. I reminded her that she still needed to put them back in their box. “Maybe another day,” she said, as she scooted away from me.

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