As I sit here typing this out, I should be home. We should be home. We would have headed home from my aunt’s this evening, but for inclement weather. With the strong winds and rain — and threat of hail — we opted to stay the night, and head home tomorrow evening.

In spite of the awful weather, we had a great day. We only played Mario Kart a little today, opting instead for building things. My aunt has a box several times Namine’s size filled with Lincoln Logs in the basement, so she and I went down and lost ourselves in construction. Brings back some great memories.


At first, Namine and I started following the blueprints for a building. But that got boring quickly, and Namine started working on her own thing. So I knocked down the half-finished building for the parts, and we had fun just making stuff.


And I meant to post this the other night. Namine drew herself holding a turtle, with me standing next to her.


And to bid you goodnight, I’ll leave you with Namine’s drawing of a shark.



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