We were going to make biscuits and gravy yesterday, but I came down with the flu. Since I’m feeling a little better today – by that I mean I felt that I could have more than Jello and 7-Up – we made them tonight.

Namine is still small enough to sit on the counter (although she can bonk her head on the cupboard if she’s not careful), so as much as possible, that’s where we do our mixing. I really didn’t do much, as far as the biscuits go. (I fried the hash brown patties and sausage later, though.) Namine loves to help as much as she can, so Jessica did the measurements and let her do the rest – the pouring, mixing, everything.


Instead of boring old round biscuits, we made cutout ones. Namine made herself butterflies, while Jessica made flowers and I made dinosaurs.


Of course, Namine ate my dinosaurs’ tails when we sat down for dinner. And over on the right, you can see our heart people – part of our Valentine’s Day bulletin board craft project.


We made the heart people a few days ago, then set them aside to let the glue dry. After dinner tonight, we replaced the bulletin board’s decorations with more appropriately themed colors. And what would Valentine’s Day be without My Little Pony?



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