Snow day

The day did not go at all the way we had planned. Instead of getting Namine’s new bed, we made Valentine’s Day crafts.

Namine has been excited for the past week for her new bed. She’s been waiting (patiently, for a six year old) for today to come: the delivery day of her new mattress. So of course what happened? This happened:

We got a phone call first this morning from the mattress store. “Due to inclement weather, we are recalling all of our drivers and cancelling all deliveries.” No real surprise there, but it was still a disappointment.

Unfortunately, the weather also killed our other plan for the day. We were planning on visiting Jessica’s mom in the hospital, but with the roads as crazy as they were, that wasn’t going to happen. (As it was, she would have been sent home today, but again, the roads were too treacherous.)

Still, we weren’t going to let some crappy weather (really crappy weather) get in the way of our day. We made up for it by making crafts.

Heart wreaths

Jessica’s sister Melissa gave her the idea for making a paper heart wreath. It’s kind of like a paper chain, only they’re hearts and it’s a circle. According to the post Jessica showed me, they were stuck together with glue dots. We didn’t have any of those, so we used our trusty hot-glue gun.

Jessica showed Namine how to fold the paper into a heart shape, and she took to it quickly. It was still tricky getting it taped and stapled, but she did well.

Once we had enough hearts — we actually made enough for two wreaths — Jessica hot-glued the hearts together.

Sun catchers

After we finished the wreaths, Namine and I painted a couple plastic decorations, which we’d hang in the window when we were done. The paint was a little stringy because we’d had these things since last year, but it was still usable.

Pizza bears

A few days ago, Namine had picked a recipe she wanted to try out of one of Jessica’s cookbooks. It was called “pizza bear,” and it was essentially making a homemade pizza in the shape of a bear’s head. We used biscuits to shape the base, and we added cheese, pepperoni on the ears, and mushrooms and peppers for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Namine is not the only one guilty of eating the raw ingredients. I suppose not every parent has occasion to say “Stop eating the vegetables!”

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  1. Jolene Philo Avatar
    Jolene Philo

    What a good way to turn disappointment into fun. Hopefully, Namine’s mattress will arrive soon. Thanks for sharing your day at’s Tuesday special needs link up.

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