As a parent, you find that some little girls play well together. And some… well, not so much.

One particular day, Namine had a playdate with Olivia. They’ve always seemed to play nicely together; they have never, to my knowledge, argued or fought. Namine is not used to playing with other kids (something we are remedying by having more playdates), so sometimes she can be a little grabby. That’s to be expected, I think, and only the experience of social interaction with her similar-aged peers will change it. At any rate, the two of them alone in Olivia’s room is nothing to be concerned about. I, for one, am glad that they have become friends.


Things really got interesting when a third child was added to the mix. This would not normally be a concern, but we knew this little girl had a tendency to be quite bossy. Namine is usually a calm child, but she can really get wound up if you get her going. So I sat right outside Olivia’s bedroom, keeping an eye on things. It was a good thing I did.

This little girl started insisting to Namine that she, Namine, was four, not five. If you know Namine, you know that she is quite proud of the fact that she is five. She’s quite particular about getting the facts straight anyway, even more so when it has to do with herself. I could see this easily escalating into a yelling match (even though for the time being Namine was calm about it), so I intervened: “No, Namine is right. She is five.” The girl yelled at me, “FINE!” and stomped out of the room. Namine turned to me and said, “What’s her problem?”

I tried not to laugh at what Namine said and explained that she probably just didn’t know any better. “You know what’s true and what’s not,” I said, “and that’s all that matters.” That seemed to be the end of it. Except it wasn’t.

Later that evening, the three girls were playing in Olivia’s room once again, except I wasn’t keeping a close eye on them this time. I guess it was a perfect opportunity for the girl to once again tell Namine she was four, because that’s what she did. Having already been through this, Namine got mad. This time it did escalate into a yelling match, and ended with the girl coming out to tattle on Namine for being mean.

Whatever. Mess with the bull, you’re gonna get the horns. Yeah, Namine shouldn’t have gotten mad, but she’s five. I know people with less patience, and they’re adults. Good on Namine for standing up for herself, I say.

Once the girl left with her family, though, Namine was left to play with only Olivia, and they played nicely together, as always. Namine was quite sad when we left, lamenting that she didn’t get to stay the night with her friend Olivia.

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