Retainer check

Namine received some good news at her dentist checkup.

This appointment wasn’t so much a checkup for Namine’s teeth as it was for her retainers. We had thought that perhaps she’d need to get new ones, simply because she’s had them since last November. As it turns out, her dentist believes her retainers are still sufficient until she’s seen again.

While I’m on the topic, her doctor has lowered the amount of times she needs to be seen in clinic. It used to be that she was seen twice a year, but now they only want to see her once a year.

It blows my mind a little bit that in such a short time, Namine’s dental work has come so far. It seems like only yesterday when we were told she would need to have her upper and lower jaws expanded. At the time, it was thought that she might also need a second jaw distraction.

Neither the expansion nor the distraction turned out to be necessary. It was enough to extract four teeth — two on the right and then two on the left — and use braces (and now retainers) to reposition her teeth.

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