Fall baseball

Namine played a late evening baseball game to kick off the fall season.

In the first game of the (somewhat shorter) fall season of Miracle League baseball, Wisconsin reminds us that it is a fickle mistress, indeed. Part of the problem is, of course, that we sort of forgot what month it is. We’ve been accustomed to such warm weather, but it’s also September already. (How did that happen? Where did our summer go?) The evening turned cool and windy, with plenty of dark clouds that had nothing to do with the waning light.

Early on in the game, we did get a small shower — just a sprinkle, really — but that passed quickly. It was not enough to stop the game, but it was still a good reminder to bring a jacket next week.

Namine is on the same team she was on during the summer session, but with a different team name. She has the same coach and teammates, but the team has been renamed the Silver Eagles for the fall session. No new jerseys will be distributed, so Namine will continue to wear her Cardinals attire until the season ends.

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