Last baseball game of the season

Namine had some extra family see her last game of the summer!

As the summer winds down, so too do the number of activities in which Namine is participating. As with camp and tennis before it, Namine had her last game playing on the Brewers with the Miracle League of Dane County. For a while earlier in the day, we weren’t even sure if there would be a game; it had rained off and on all afternoon — pretty hard, too, around lunchtime — but it had stopped by the evening.

Namine’s buddy wasn’t able to make it to this final game, so she paired up with another one of the adults that was there helping out. Of course, she wasted no time in getting to know him, having no problem introducing herself and telling him all about herself. She has always been her own best advocate, after all.

At past games, Namine’s buddy has helped her wheel around the bases. Not this time: she did all the work, with enthusiasm and without request for help.

After the game was over, both teams were (individually) presented with their end-of-season medals.

Until next season!

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