Road trip

We drove all over Wisconsin for a baseball game and a picnic!

Sky Carp pre-game game

Because of Namine’s participation with Miracle League, she got invited to a Minor League baseball game: the Beloit Sky Carps. As a matter of fact, she was also invited to participate in a small game before the game, comprising of Miracle League players.

The field, being a typical baseball field, was not made of the accessible, wheelchair-friendly material that the Miracle League field is. Fortunately, like at her own games, she had a buddy with her to help her wheel. She did not, however, need help batting. For that, she eschewed the tee and insisted on batting to a pitched ball.

Much as we would have liked to, we did not stay for the Sky Carps’ game. We had another event to get to: the Marcus picnic.

Marcus picnic

As the summer draws to a close, it seems that all the events we’re invited to all happen at the same time, or at least on the same day. This was the case for the annual Marcus Cinema picnic, which was held at the Milwaukee Zoo. It was quite a drive from Beloit, but after their generosity at the Grand Geneva, we wanted to show our appreciation and come. Additionally, the zoo always holds high appeal to us.

The first thing we did was grab some food. After we had eaten a bit, we explored the picnic area — and found that there was a tent for temporary tattoos. Namine has never been able to resist that (or getting her face painted). She was given the option of getting two, so she chose a snake (thinking of my brother who works with reptiles) and a cat (thinking of my mom’s two).

After Namine was finished getting her tattoos, we started into the zoo proper. We had a couple destinations in mind: Jessica wanted to see the big cats, I wanted to see the small mammals (really, mainly the nocturnal ones), and Namine wanted to see everything. She knew this wasn’t realistic, but she was happy with whatever we did end up seeing.

Our admission to the zoo through the Marcus invite also came with three tickets to a choice of activities. One of those activities was the new animatronic dragon exhibit, so we headed there first. There was a pretty wide variety of mythological beasts from different countries for us to see. I was pleased to see a cockatrice (which I do not consider a type of dragon) and a wyvern (which I do, but the distinction is often lost).

We didn’t make it to the small mammal house, but we did have enough time before the zoo closed to make it into the big cat house. It was much more crowded inside, but after a little bit of waiting — which we didn’t mind — we were able to get up close to the glass.

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