Team Up Camp

Namine had a blast at day camp for nearly a week!

Team Up Camp is a four-day-long day camp run entirely by volunteers to provide a number of accessible activities for children and adults with disabilities. Namine has been participating in Team Up Camp since 2017.

For the past two years, the camp has closed its doors — that’s metaphorical, it’s outside, weather permitting — due to Covid and quarantining measures. A lot of the families involved, ours included, are more susceptible than most to sickness; as a result, extra precaution is required.

We were excited to learn that camp was back on this year, but none more so than Namine. The organizers provide a list of activities each attendee can choose from, so she had some decisions to make.

Each year of Team Up Camp, they have a different theme. This year’s theme was “Wild Wild West,” so one of the first crafts that Namine did was decorating a cowgirl hat.

Among the other crafts available was making a bird feeder. Namine painted on all its sides pictures of the chick she had gotten to hold at the petting zoo.

In past years, Namine has gotten to ride a horse. She had no interest in doing so this year, but she was happy to pet one if given the opportunity. (She was given the opportunity.)

Something that Namine will always say yes to is a petting zoo. Since that once again made an appearance this year, there was no way she wasn’t going to attend. In fact, since the schedule is made available beforehand, she arranged all her plans on that day around the petting zoo.

Namine also decorated her own kite. The weather was nice enough, yet still windy enough, that she was able to fly it.

On the last day of camp, a face painter was present for anyone who wanted it done. Namine chose to have a lion’s face painted over her own — her favorite animal.

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